Spanien Information“We are not a traditional law firm, but rather a free-thinking consultancy, specialising in solving your problems in Spain, cooperating as needed, with expert lawyers, architects, engineers, tax advisors, etc.” 

Philosophy, Environment, Corporate Culture and Methods of Operation

Who we are and the environment in which we work?
Spanien vom Mittelalter in die Moderne in wenigen Jahrzenten
After 30 years in Spain, the managing director and principal owner of the Kanarische Treuhand S.L., had experienced Spains development from the Middle Age to the Internet Age, and gained valuable experience. In past times jobs were the most important, the administration was streamlined and flexible, and investors, even though they were courted, nevertheless had to pay their teaching money quite often. The population was partially surprised by the rapid development, and the country is now firmly in the hands of a political and administrative apparatus, which is mainly concerned  about securing his benefice..

Today to survive in this unfortunately very abstract environment, one not only needs the adequate language and technical knowledge, but must above all know the way of thinking and behaviour of the system, that unfortunately rarely abides the law. Arbitrary authority,  abuse of office and corruption are rampant.
Spain owes its legal uncertainty to the ulcerative political and administrative apparatus that tries to justify its existence by creating as many new laws and regulations, and delivers its citizens to an endless overburdened judiciary.

We know our limits and we are aware that in this environment we can only offer competent consultancy and provide efficient solutions to our customers with a professional network of experts

As a rule a spanish official will consider you as a nuisance, a law firm will try to place as many lawsuits and will not reach out for court settlements, an architect wants to create projects and reports and is not keen on filling out any application forms, etc.

It is our aim , to inform our clients about all aspects, and also to find efficient solutions for apparently insolvable cases, even if this means to go unorthodox ways. Because we live from your recommendation. .
And for sure we offer a professional consulting, classical services, as well as accompanying your cases from the very beginning to the end.



Welche Visionen und Werte hat unserer Firma?

Die Demokratie in Spanien ist jung, die Verwaltung aber Jahrtausende alt.Spanien gehört zur EU, und ist ein moderner demokratischer Staat mit einer parlamentarischen Erbmonarchie. Aktuell ist die Justiz in Spanien aber de facto den Reichen und Einflussreichen vorbehalten, da ein normaler Bürger sich weder die Anwälte leisten kann, noch die Zeit hat sich durch die Instanzen zu klagen. Eine ausufernde Behördenwillkür sowie Korruption und Amtsmissbrauch sind das Ergebniss, das Spanien nicht zu unrecht das Image einer Bananenrepublik hat, mit dem erschwerenden Nachteil der immer restriktiveren und prohibitiven Gesetzgebung, die es in Bananenrepubliken in dieser Form nicht gibt.

Gegen diese Missstände kämpfen wir an, schlagen für unsere Kunden auch mal bei den Politikern oder der Verwaltung Krach, organisieren Unterschriftensammlungen, reichen offizielle Anträge ein, gehen an die Öffentlichkeit, oder leiten gerichtliche Schritte ein, wenn es sich gar nicht mehr verhindern läßt.

Eine offene Kommunikation, Loyalität und aufrichtiges Handeln sind Garanten für eine effektive Zusammenarbeit. Darum verlangen wir dies auch von unseren Kunden. Und sollte es mal etwas geben, für das wir keine Lösung finden, werden Sie dies als erstes erfahren.

Which are our strenghts?

In short, we are specialized in all aspects of real estate. Whether you simply want to buy a holiday home and do this as safe as possible, legalize a ruin and rebuild it, or you want to build a hotel -  real estate are our strength without a doubt.

But we have also been working on matters for companies, such as market studies, business foundations, title recognition, business registrations, business contacts, trade fairs, trade missions, support for negotiations, up to refurbishment of companies operating in Spain.

And by special request of our clients we have also settled automobile and container imports in Spain, organized surgical appointments and even a wedding.

What do we love?

Immobilien sind unser Kerngeschäft, von Rechtsfragen bis hin zur Bauausführung.Clients, who come to us, before their cases become much too complicated.

A honest and open communication.

Clients who know and say what they want.

Solve problems, thought to be insolvable.

Clients who appreciate our services and are on time in any way.

Who are our clients?

Our customers range from the simple retiree who wants to purchase a property in Spain, the entrepreneur wanting to build up a business or a  beautiful mansion, up to the corporation managing large estates.

Through our multilingual and international education, we are mainly specialized on foreign customers, with more and more Spanish clients adding up, loving our structured functioning.

What makes us different from other companies?

Unlike traditional consulting or law firms, with us you don´t need to finance any representative headquarters and other expensive structures.

Throuhg our network of freelancers we are unbound;  we can recommend the best professionals for your problems in every case and be much more flexible responding to your needs

How we work?

You coment your request  / problem to us..

For routine work such as purchase settlements, fiduciary activities, company establishments, etc. you will receive an offer from us, you pay a deposit, we'll do the job and finally provide you with an open final statement..

For more complex problems, we analize the problems together with other experts from our network and then present our possible solutions.

Den Kampf gegen die Windmühlen kann man nicht gewinnen, aber mit Wissen und Arbeit findet man einen Weg. If you decide which way to go after our consulting, we recommend you the specialists, coordinate the cooperation  and support your case as long as you wish. Thus you are not restricted to the few english speaking specialists and have a regular partner for everything

Sie erhalten für jeden Auftrag ein schriftliches Angebot. Sollten wir Ihnen andere Fachleute empfehlen, so werden Sie die Angebote direkt von diesen erhalten.

Mit der Anzahlung, bestätigen Sie den Auftrag. 

Nach erlediger Arbeit erhalten Sie von uns eine offene Abrechnung (Auflistung aller Auslagen) sowie eine offizielle Rechnung. Nach Bezahlung erhalten Sie von uns oder unseren Kollegen alle Unterlagen.