Spanien Information“We are not a traditional law firm, but rather a free-thinking consultancy, specialising in solving your problems in Spain, cooperating as needed, with expert lawyers, architects, engineers, tax advisors, etc.” 

The core team of Spainconsultat

Carsten Oliver Zwerenz, Betriebswirt

Betriebswirt, Immobilienexperte, Gerichtsgutachter und UnternehmensberaterCarsten Oliver Zwerenz

Real estate expert and management consultant with passion. College degree in Spain, 2 years of engineering studies, 4 years International business administration studies with German and Spanish degree, internships in major companies in the U.S., Germany and Spain, as well as ongoing training, up to the company founding in 1998, demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit of the CEO of the Kanarische Treuhand S.L.
For many years he fought the authorities of despotism and corruption in Spain, not only on behalf of its customers interests but also on behalf of the family-owned group of companies. Multilingualism, knowledge of cultural differences and differences in the ways of thinking, creative solutions, and his sincere action characterize him.

Torsten Zwerenz, Architekt

Architekt und Gutacher für ImmobilienTorsten Zwerenz

A creative mind loving his work and the attention to detail. That's Torsten Zwerenz. He studied architecture in Spain and Germany, holds both approvals and works as a consultant for various banks alongside his work as an independent architect.

He gained valuable experience in his family's construction company and during his several years in the Chamber of Architects in Fuerteventura, as well as through ongoing trainings.

Honesty, knowledge and customer expertise are the alpha and omega of his daily work. These benefit his customers, who can be assured that their projects are feasible and within budget.

Roberto Alonso Martin, Anwalt

Spanischer Anwalt, spezialisiert auf Immobilien, Entschädigungen und SammelklagenRoberto Alonso Martín

A Spanish European lawyer who has already caused some headlines and sensations in the Spanish administration. Through the defence of the family business against arbitrary expropriation, he gained early experience in urban planning, administrative law and claimings of compensation.

Among his clients are reputable companies, business associations, plaintiff communities and private individuals, which he successfully defended against the Spanish authorities´ arbitrariness.

Spain is a constitutional state, but only few know their rights, and the judiciary is merciless in missed deadlines, and therefore illegal actions of the administration in Spain become legal too often.

Real estate, expropriations, house demolitions, stopped constructions, state administration, fraud, etc. are Roberto Alonso Martín´s discipline.